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Destination wedding photography at Taj Exotica, Goa

We genuinely believe that India is one of the best countries to be a wedding photographer in—diverse cultures, different rituals, so many colours and emotions. Adding Goa to the mix was the cherry on top of the cake for Aneesha and Anand’s wedding celebrations!  

Telegu weddings are very special for us. One of the first weddings we photographed was a Telegu-Punjabi wedding, and it stole our hearts! The colours, the rituals, the rice shower; they are just something else. 

After speaking to Aneesha and Anand over several months, we first met them while checking into our rooms at Taj Exotica, Goa. They are both exceptionally warm people; while we always like to make sure that our couples are comfortable with us, Aneesha and Anand also made sure we were comfortable with them. It is an immense privilege that as wedding photographers we form these strong bonds with people who we have never met before. 

Aneesha, the perfect combination of beauty and brains; conversations with you always ended up in laughter. And Anand, a man of few words, a need for speed, always thoughtful and a deep passion for race car driving! What a combination you two are!

A lot of our couples are not based in Delhi-NCR, or even India, so we do multiple phone calls and video chats with them in the months (sometimes more than a year) prior to the wedding. And when we do meet them, it feels like we are meeting long-lost friends!

Aneesha and Anand’s wedding was filled with so much joy and laughter! One of the best decisions they took was having the wedding ceremony on Day 1! This way the wedding planning was all out of the way and everybody could really enjoy the pool party and the sangeet the next day. With the added bonus that no one had to worry about being tired (*cough* hungover *cough*) during the wedding ;)

Telegu wedding rituals at Taj Exotica Goa

That’s not to say that the wedding day wasn’t full of surprises. The heavens decided that late-November was a perfect time for some monsoon-type showers in Goa, and boy did it pour! But we witnessed and captured one of the sweetest conversations thanks to this: Anand didn’t care that it was raining as long as Aneesha was happy with the alternate arrangements of suddenly having an indoor wedding. He even made sure that he had an umbrella ready when we were making some portraits for them before the ceremony. 

The rain did make for some interesting photography though! Especially during the pool party, with constant rain, friends dunking others into the water, us holding an umbrella in one hand and our cameras in the other inside the pool and constantly wiping our cameras with cloth napkins. Happy to report that everything survived!

Full credit to Aneesha’s brother, Aniruddh, for taking such good care of the entire team; before and during the shoot. Every phone call with him was full of life and laughter. Anirudh, you are one the most thoughtful, detail-oriented and helpful person we have come across. So fortunate to have you as a friend for life. Wish you all the very best with med school! Send us some photos from your adventures in the US.

The jacket of the bride's brother saying cray cray

And also to Anand’s sister, Chandni, who was a true ray of light—full of energy, positivity and cheer—always smiling, kind, saying the most wonderful things and definitely with the best dance moves on the floor. Chandini, you always had the best dressing sense—unique, classy, and memorable and that wonderful smile was always the cherry on the top.

Sister of telegu groom dancing at Taj Exotica Goa

Special thanks to Aneesha and Anand’s parents—exceptionally loving, kind and sweet. Always good to know where our couples get their good looks from ;) ;)

Mothers of the Telegu bride and groom dancing at the ballroom in Taj Exotica Goa

And kudos to an amazing group of friends and cousins for always keeping the energy high throughout and giving us some lovely moments to capture: Kavya, Vishnu Vishal, Sreeram, Rohitha, Rakshith, Spandana, Mahita, Sailesh, Harshitha, Gautham, Anjali, Vandana, Meghna, Faisal, Urshila, Raaki, Chirag, Raja, Pritviraj, Hatim, Upasana, Vaibhav, Karthikeya, Hima and so many more! 

Actor Vishnu Vishal dancing in the ballroom at Taj Exotica Goa

Venue: Taj Exotica, Goa
Aneesha’s hair and makeup: Tanuja Rajapathruni
Decor and planning: Pink Pagdi

Aneesha & Anand’s destination wedding at Taj Exotica, Goa:

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