“Going Bananas”…. which normal person in their right mind would give their business such a crazy, totally out of the box and funky name and expect people to take them seriously?

Two amazing people who thankfully agree with Marylin Monroe’s profound words of wisdom that quote “Being normal is the most boring thing one can be!” And thank god for that! Two people who give ‘going bananas’ their own definition by being just as crazy and creative as what they decided to ‘name’ their passion!

Yash and I started looking for wedding photographers about 6 months out from our wedding, since in true Bollywood style, it was a fairly ‘chatt mangni patt vyah’ kinda situation. We missed out on a few really good photographers that we initially short listed since we were looking ‘too late’ for our dates… and while there was disappointment after disappointment as we got turned down, I now look back and thank god with folded hands for making me believe in ‘everything happens for a reason’….

Prasheila and Manyu were referred to us by another photographer we really wanted to work with and hesitantly Yash and I reached out… just as when I met my now husband the very first day and knew he would be the one I would spend the rest of my life with, our first communication with these two gave me the gut feeling that we had reached the end of our search, and HOW! Initial conversations revolved around requirements, offerings, prices and availability and very soon graduated to getting to know things about each other… common friends, common ‘homeland’ sadda kanedda, common sad sense of humour (namely Manyu and I) and of course a common love capturing beautiful memories in lots of even more beautiful photos! Being across the globe in Canada, in a completely different time zone from these guys, we were initially hesitant about whether or not we’d be able to communicate with them in a timely, effective manner, but both Prash and Manyu seemed to be available almost every single unreasonable hour we requested for a chat! It was astounding how freely I could share details of my life and love story with them! Like I was relaying deep secrets of my heart to some of my oldest, closest friends!

Throughout our distant communications, both Prash and Manyu patiently listened to us ramble on and on about how we both love good photos (who loves bad photos? Do tell!), how we consider ourselves amateur photographers (who in today’s world doesn’t? After all anyone with a DSLR is an ace photog, no?), my endless, constantly changing visions for almost every aspect of the wedding and just about anything including how frustrating work had been for me on some particular day! They made it a point to keep in touch, yet never in an overwhelming or overbearing way… By the time we got to Delhi, Prash and Manyu seemed as excited about our upcoming wedding as we were!

Ok now to actually get to the praises I could rightfully shower them with… wait, you ask what about the thesis above? In that case, you ain’t heard nothing yet!

Prash and Manyu, we are yet to receive the final product from you guys, but I want you both to know that you guys were a part of our small, special and intimate wedding just AS MUCH as our closest family members were… going wayyyyy above and beyond what your role demanded of you…. I will never forget how Manyu made it a point to check up on Yash’s pagdi every time he saw it coming lose. I will always remember how Prash was always around me like a sister/best friend making sure I had something to eat or drink and that my makeup and hair were still intact… I will also never forget my mother saying “Manyu should have been with all your brothers carrying your phoolon ki chaddar when you walked in”… (Un)Fortunately you were too busy taking awesome shots of my Dulha in waiting… and Prash, I can’t tell you how much it warmed my heart to hear you say, “oh you don’t worry, I know I can ask maasi or Maami for that” and sure enough they were the exact people to go to! If you both remember, whenever I introduced you to anyone, I always said, “these are our friends who are also kindly photographing our wedding”… to me you guys were never a ‘vendor’ and us, ‘your client’… to me, you were my family, doing your very best at every given point in time and making sure you get us the best end result possible!

Also credit where due… the rest of your team was so soooo sweet, professional and hard working throughout! Whether I talk of Chetan or Mohit, they were always present with a smile, covering every little moment!

While no words, essays or reviews will ever be enough to thank you both, I want you to know, I am so grateful that you were a part of our families on those two most special days of our lives… thank you because I know very soon you will present us with the most mind-blowing photos and video of our most special moments (no pressure at all!)… thank you just for being two wonderful human beings and being those two drops in the ocean who reaffirm my faith that awesomeness still exists on this planet!

And yes, always remember whenever you visit BTown next, you will have a home ready and waiting! We wish you guys all the love, happiness and success in the future!

– Jyotika

How can one review 2 individuals and their team who are beyond passionate about their work?

How can one review 2 individuals and their team who go above and beyond in delivering for their clients and making them comfortable?

How can one review 2 individuals and their team who we met for the first time but felt as if we knew them forever?

How can one review 2 individuals and their team who take care of every minute detail in the madness of weddings and ensure sanity prevails in the end.

The answer in a nutshell is that you cannot, as no review can do justice to their efforts.

Jyotika and I have now been happily married for just over a month, but instead  of writing you 1 couples review and getting on with it, we both wanted to pen our thoughts down as individuals and share them with you, as we both felt it’s the right thing to do whilst doing justice to your efforts.

I have not seen the final work, but if the samples are anything to go by, I can only imagine the awesome job you guys have done.

Prasheila and Abhimanyu, having said that I did want to share my feelings with both of you as you deserved to know I felt about your presence on the probably one of the most special and definitely the most magical moments of my life.  Marrying Jyotika was an honour, and having you guys cover the events was just the way I wanted. Without boring you here are my thoughts in a nutshell:

Vendors of any event can be tricky, notably when you do not know them. There are times that we do our research and then work on our gut with someone. When that gut feeling pays off, it’s the best feeling in the world. Relationships are based on trust, thank you for making our trust count from day 1.

May God Bless You Guys and your team, I don’t usually say God Bless easily to people as not many people deserve it. You guys do, all the way. It’s funny how people come in our lives, law of attraction ensured you guys were exactly what I had wanted.

The ease in which you guys mixed with the family was commendable. We did not have to watch over you in any way, as you guys took up the responsibility of being the official wedding photographers, friends and more with pride.

For a moment you guys actually made me think of going into the wedding photography business in Canada and even relocating back in India…..lol…..The reasoning is simple, I feel life is too short to do 1 job forever, I have always wanted to take my love of photography to a professional level and if I ever do that in the near or far future, I would have a near similar way of operating as you guys do, because your professionalism and work ethics are very similar to mine. For all you know Going Bananas could have a Toronto office in the near future called Going Maple Syrup….needless to say you guys can teach me a few skills along the way.

Your energy levels on all days was remarkable. Kudos to you for staying motivated and in the high energy zone from start to finish. It was our wedding but you were as excited as we were, that was good to see considering you cover so many other weddings throughout the year. It may have been an assignment for you, but you had a very personal touch in it, and that was awesome to see and experience.

– Yash

– Jyotika & Yash


When we decided to get married we wanted to make sure that we have the best photographer to capture one of the most important days of our lives. We began our search and yes, we did one in-depth research in this field. From talking to many photographers and meeting many of them over months, following their works closely and see if it fits our taste – it was one hell of a task. So, when we say that we finalised Going Bananas Photography for our D-Day, one can take it from us that we won’t be hesitant to recommend them to anyone who wants their wedding to be remembered!

We came across GBP via Wed Me Good, saw their work online and instantly emailed them. Their pictures spoke what we were looking for – vibrant, fun, crazy, so much laughter and so much love!

Still remember the morning of 28th April, 2016 when we woke up to this really cute email from GBP. It was like love at first email and then some more love at first meeting.

When looking for wedding photographers what’s important is that you have someone who can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera specially if you are camera conscious and that’s what makes Abhimanyu and Prasheila so special. Abhimanyu – crazy, very crazy guy, the lengths he would go to, to get that perfect shot is a rare find. Prasheila – the one who balances the craziness, very innovative, adding all the personal touches, has an eye for details. Together they bring more to the day with their quirkiness, joyfulness and easy-going friendly nature. Oh yes, when not working they would never say no to hogging like animals with you.

While finalizing them, we were a little surprised ourselves about the 100% advance policy but over our meeting we realized that it’s not something to worry about at all because we instantly got to know that these guys will put their heart and soul into your day – from Day 1 – irrespective of you hiring them or not. From our own experience, we can give an example that due to certain circumstances we couldn’t have a pre-wedding shoot and these guys were so awesome to make a post-wedding shoot happen 10 months later in Mumbai where we live now. Of course, we paid a 100 percent advance but the level of dedication 10 months later was even more and something to be commended for! To trust a photographer with your wedding day is an unconditional kind of trust. There can be no mistakes, no shortcomings.

Your wedding day goes by so quick, there is so much build up and planning and then it is gone in a flash, a vague memory, almost like a dream. Photographs provide you with reminders of that memory, that magical day, it really did happen! In time memories fade and we love reminding ourselves of those times with beautiful photographs that captured not only the events but the feeling and magic of the day.

GBP has provided us with amazing photographs that captured the pure essence of the day and we still get emotional looking back at the photographs, videos and reliving the moments. They went above and beyond any expectation and delivered us with work that we can admire for years to come! The only problem we have encountered is trying to choose our favourites, because there are just so many amazing shots.

– Neha & Sameer


“We are so glad that we chose Going Bananas as our wedding photographers. Right from the moment we met them, it was like two friends working with us to make our wedding memorable. All of us absolutely loved the way they told a story through the pics. When we look at the pics and all the smiles they captured it just pumps our hearts. Reliving the memories through those wonderful pics that GBP takes is priceless. Initially we were hesitant about the 100% advance. But if anyone is reading this, please don’t worry at all. You have the best photographs waiting! Their ideas are completely unique, the way they capture the tiniest detail or the tiniest angle from where they can make a magnificent picture. You will never find Prasheila or Abhimanyu being after you to pose, they quietly take the best shots. We have to mention about the numerous compliments we received for the amazing photography. We love the way you’ll captured both sides of the story one standing behind the bride and groom and capturing the expression of the guests, and other the bride and groom’s.

Prasheila, I loved having you cover my pre-bridal shoot. I felt as though one of my close friends or family was with me. You make the bride feel so comfortable and you are totally understanding. Three words for Prasheila -extremely sweet, composed, professional.

Abhimanyu thanks for the support throughout the wedding, be it coming up with ideas for photographs by lying on the ground for the perfect shot or finding the tiniest fairy light for the best pic, thank you for the imaginations and for all the support you have given us. Three words for Abhimanyu-innovative, talented and completely out-of-the-box thinking.

You guys are a perfect dream team. Integrity, quality and professionalism is what GBP is all about. The most memorable incident would be Abhimanyu dancing to lungi dance and twirling his moustache for the lyrics :D

We are looking forward to (and dreaming of) another event where we can have Prasheila and Abhimanyu behind the lens again :). From clients to friends/family who make beautiful memories. Thank you for everything.”

– Apurva & Anshuman

“GBP personified by the ever smiling and friendly Abhimanyu and Prasheila, seamlessly blended into the wedding milieu to capture the ethos and festivities of the marriage. In short, GBP stands for Good, Beautiful and Professional Photographs.
I wish them great success in their profession.”

– Dr. Appa Rao (Apurva’s dad)


“I think the moment we met you, we knew we definitely wanted you guys at our wedding. Not just as out photographers, but this chirpy couple who knew what they were doing. In fact, our first conversation was all about getting to know each other, and just when the girls’ phone rang (after 3 hours) :P, we realised it’s time to talk about work. You guys immediately gained brownie points after our pre-wedding photo shoot ;) It was then we knew that wouldn’t be able to wait for our wedding pictures.

It is just very simple and easy to talk to Abhimanyu and Prasheila. Their patience to understand what exactly the couple wants and especially how to keep the bride happy is amazing. Abhimanyu, you’re just the most easy going person, and a talker, so thank you for being the hyper one and accompanying me :P

But, Prasheila, (yes she takes all the brownie points Abhimanyu ;) ) is the most purest soul of all, the way she took care of me during the wedding function, making sure everything is fine and I’m not stressed and all the things a bride would be going through, was taken care of.
It’s not only the bond with the bride and groom that this beautiful duo creates, it’s their remarkable side of professionalism too, and how they balance both the sides… is insane.

You guys make a great team and we mean it with all our heart. The pictures did all the justice and thank you so much, again, SO much for capturing our lifetime memories that we will cherish forever.

I don’t care how 90s this sounds, but YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! ;)”

– Akshita & Varun


“So what do you do when your wedding stories involve your photographers or when your friends tell you that you were looking fine and all but oh my god the photographers were sooo good!

This is exactly what happened with me and the culprits are none other than the crazy, loving n totally awesome Abhi n Prash :) The moment we met you guys, we knew we wanted you to be a part of the wedding. It was love at first sight ;) you guys made us so comfortable and more than that I loved the fact that you were so friendly and so professional at the same time.

The best part was that you made such a great effort to know the entire family and all our friends. And I think that clearly came out in the photos. You captured all the moments perfectly.

I can quote so many memories with you guys but few of my favorites are – Abhi taking the role of the DJ at the mehendi function cuz everyone else just refused to do so, Prash making sure that I eat and eat the right stuff before the function starts, joota chupayi of Abhi (I still dunno what happened there haha)!

What started as a very professional arrangement turned out to be the best decision for us and the beginning of an everlasting bond!

Thank you so much guys for making our very special day more special by just doing what you did.”

– Garima & Garv


9W5A1596“When we think about Prash and Manyu, the first thought which comes to mind is that of them being close friends. And then when we take a look at our wedding pictures we can’t help but think of them as being amongst the most talented photographers we have ever met. Excellence is achieved only through passion, and we have seen no two people more passionate about their art. From staying back at the Sangeet ceremony till late at night, to cheerfully accommodating with our ever changing plans and schedules (one of us was in London, the other in Bombay, while they were in Delhi!) the two of them were absolutely fabulous. They captured beautiful shots of the wedding oh-so-discreetly and took centre stage on the dance floor with our friends and family at the same time – our guests found it rather hard to believe that these were our official photographers! We would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to have a lifetime of beautiful memories delivered with genuine, outgoing and personalised care.”

– Gouri & Krishna
Samode Palace


“The most important thing when you select a photographer for your biggest day is that they need to have the eye for things that matter to you, should understand your vision behind the wedding and must capture each emotion with an empathetic eye. These two will be part of your wedding like how, like your friends who will understand each and every thing you want with such patience and then click with such passion. Their love and passion for their art is commendable and I completely loved every moment they captured of our wedding. The shots and poses they chose for us were so well suited with our personalities. They definitely bring out the best in you and capture the not so obvious stuff with such intricacy. Both have their individual way of shooting and I enjoyed having both of them around for my wedding. Great work, the wedding was captured beautifully by them. Highly Recommended!”

– Vriti & Kapil
Jim Corbett


GBP_843“From the first time, we met Prasheila & Abhimanyu, we knew we wanted them to shoot our wedding. The first meeting, which spilled over from lunch to coffee followed by the continuous planning con-calls only proved us right. As photographers, they are thorough professionals which reflects in the precious moments they are able to capture so beautifully. More than that, they are such great individuals to work with that by the end of the wedding, they also become your best friends. Manyu’s crackling sense of humour and Prasheila’s calm & soothing presence makes an instant connect with friends & family.”

– Supriya & Kunal


“It’s been sometime since our marriage but every moment is so vividly placed before my eyes and one of the biggest reasons for that is GBP. We were a little hesitant about posing during the couple shoot but these guys have this distinctly contagious craziness that would let you leave all your inhibitions and do things that you never thought you would.. or could. So it happened and then it was the wedding….where Prasheila and Manyu were now part of our families. They knew everyone by name and everyone knew them. The events went by in a blink cause everyone was having so much fun… and left us to wait for the unknown from GBP. Time passed and on one normal day i.e. 28 Feb 2015 we received a message “guys check your E-mails”.

We were speechless!! There was magic!! Abhimanyu Sharma & Prasheila Lookhar had done it again…and this time it was for us.

Thank you guys for giving us images to be cherished for life and more than that thank you for letting us be friends with you. Going Bananas is perfectly and aptly named because Manyu and Prasheila have a crazy sense of bringing out some amazing shots of your life…just perfectly!”

– Preeti & Pratyaksh


“A big shout out to our photographers, Abhimanyu and Prasheila at Going Bananas Photography! We instantly hit it off and they immediately got my vision of the simple, bright and colourful picnic. A special thank you to them for not shunning me from a photographer’s perspective for not applying any makeup or not behaving like a proper demure bride! In fact in my brief I told them explicitly to capture all my goof ups and strange expressions throughout the day. They have certainly more then delivered! It is such a task to get Amit to smile for photos but they have managed to capture him looking so happy and smiley throughout! I love the photos!”

– Divyata & Amit


1N3A7985Going Banana Photography… the team that makes a dream come true… I know it’s a cliché, but I would regret if I don’t say that both Prasheila and Abhimanyu are more than professionals.

Abhimanyu knew Divya since their “MBA days”. When Divya and I decided to tie the knot, Divya introduced me to the smashing duo. For a person whose most uncomfortable moment is when he is in front of a camera they were a god sent. Within a couple of meets, I was comfortable with them, whether it was through cracking jokes or discussing our wedding themes; Abhimanyu – you are the most easy-going person I have ever met, respectful, fun, energetic and thing we share in common, a big foodie… you are a guy’s guy and girl’s dream (I know I will get some slack for this :)); Prasheila – professional, beautiful, the ground that holds the GBP team together and the one which I think is the brains behind the operation.

“We worked with GBP for over two years, from our engagement in 2013 to our wedding on 2014. Within these two years, I am glad that I got to know you two better not just as clients but as actual friends. Over our dealings I was inspired by your professionalism, attitude and that quality (which the Oxford dictionary doesn’t have a word for, believe me I searched) which just makes people instantly like you and be at ease in your presence. During actual events, it was like hanging with friends; having said that though you always were very organized, and though when you look at Abhimanyu it doesn’t look like it – you knew exactly what you were doing!!

When the photographs came, I instantly was in awe (never thought I could look so natural in photographs) of the talent and artistic sensibility which you guys possess. From a friend to fan I feel proud of you guys, and myself just because I got to know you. You guys go above and beyond in making sure that the experience of a couple, the need to put them at ease is given the forefront during the entire process which some veterans in the industry need to learn from you guys. Love your work guys, you surely made our wedding a memorable event, the moments of which will stay with us through the sands of time…

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon at our other family events (please make sure your books are not full; be sure to know we will fight tooth and nail to have you guys there!!)”

– Divya & Manav


File_042‘Going Bananas’ – the name definitely piqued our interest when we were searching for our wedding photographers. Just one month is what we had when we kicked off our wedding preparations. With just the two of us doing everything, we had just a few days to choose and finalize our photographers! And yet, we wanted the photos to ‘talk’ about our wedding. And with Abhimanyu and Prasheila’s magic, our photos actually did! :)

We spoke and met with other photographers as well, but ‘Going Bananas’ impressed us with our very first call with them. We found them so very approachable – we connected. They are the perfect mix of friendliness, and professionalism. They spent ample time with us – to get to know us, our plans for the wedding, tell us how they do what they do – even before we finalized them as our photographers.

We were happy with our decision to have them shoot our wedding and reception – and the pictures did all the justice to our faith in them. Thanks Abhimanyu and Prasheila for capturing our wedding so well – the memories will stay forever vivid! Keep spreading the love :)

– Pinky & Gaurav


“A wedding is more than just an assignment for them. Prash is punctual, courteous, fun and always with a smile and Manyu is friendly, with great sense of humour, is my Canada tour guide and talkative :P We were an exceptional couple and a difficult one as we had no time for our own wedding shoots. We could have certainly pulled off a great pre-wedding shoot given that Prasheila and Manyu were willing to travel a distance for this. Loved their punctuality and persistence! There were many memorable incidents between us. Prash was a part of the family, loved the time we all spent together while waiting for the baraat to arrive. Manyu and Prash manage to keep in touch, and go beyond being regular wedding photographers.”

– Ekta & Yatin


“Can’t say enough about Prasheila — warm, wonderful person that she is! She and Abhimanyu spent hours and days with us to understand us, me, my family and the groom to come to decide how they want to shoot us and make it their signature wedding. They are truly the best with all emotional sensitivities in them for the big day and for the bride. Very accommodating, helpful and brave; Prasheila is a perfect bridesmaid any bride can have and is not only a photographer. I would take her opinion, talk to her etc. She captured all moments and exactly how we wanted. I would hire her again for any future occasions in my family and if I get a chance do my post bridal shoot too. And yes, she drove me to the wedding venue too!”

– Ridhi & Dev


“For starters, we are so delighted for the pictures they’ve captured from the variety of moments and haven’t failed to capture any special second. :) It was all the more fun to share them with our friends and relatives. everybody absolutely loved every click. As I believe, every wedding is someone’s fairy tale, I’m more than glad I chose them to make my fairy tale album. They made the camera shy groom so comfortable being clicked, that we had some great honeymoon captures too. :P With Going Bananas, it was nothing like over promising or under delivery. You exactly delivered to me, the classic sober look I wanted. Within seconds it was easy to convey what was really running in my head! There wasn’t any scope of not widening my eyes at every picture. Every piece is so full of life and emotion, just like the two of them. In spite of being so professional with the work quality that you deliver, it actually doesn’t feel like you guys are professionals or we hadn’t met before the wedding. No complaints, no demands, no tantrums. :) Lastly, thank you for the bride-to-be gift. It adds to all our wedding memories that they have created for life!”

– Garimma & Abhishek


“My photographers, Prasheila and Abhimanyu, are just amazing! Right from the beginning till now we have had a friendly and fun relationship. They made it so easy for me and Samarth. Like the other photographers make you pose and dance in weird ways! These two didn’t even once tell us what to do. So comfortable working with them :) They are the nicest people ever! The pictures have come out beautiful. There are few pictures which make my eyes all moist. Thank you guys! So happy with all the pictures! :)”

– Anandna & Samarth


“Going Bananas Photography…these three words define passion, conviction and pagalpan in one go!!! Well our journey with them started when we were looking for candid photographers for our wedding in Feb’14 and came across some very fine nuptial pictures of an acquaintance on Facebook. Communicating with them was very comfortable since day one. The thing we loved the most of our first meeting was the approach; they wanted to hear about us, our story, our families and friends and our dreams of ‘D’ Day. It was more than just photographers meeting the clients to offer their services. They never promised anything they couldn’t deliver! In fact they did more than what was their job at a lot of times, like driving me (the bride) to the venue and getting the traffic cleared when it was pouring outside ;). The shoots were fun, crazy and fantastic, definitely much above our expectations! They were a part of family, enjoying, dancing and clicking pictures of course! Some photographers capture scenes, some capture poses, GBP captures emotions. Emotions which make us walk down the beautiful memory lane every time we see these pictures taken with passion and skill. Undoubtedly this amazing work is a result of their conscientious and efficient efforts. The cherry on the cake was the special video with the testimonies of family and friends which still makes the eyes wet. We have a couple of memories during our stint with GBP, but the most memorable is the one of the ‘Vidaai’. It was the time when we were overwhelmed with emotions and sitting in the car, Abhi took the last shot of the evening with the assistance of a cellphone flash (it was pretty dark outside the farm house). The last effort to make us smile before we depart and capture the moment was surely special and unforgettable. Apart from the wedding we worked with these amazing photographers for our post-wedding shoot. We shot for two days and what can really describe true passion when at 2 am in the morning Abhi, with as much enthusiasm as during the day, was trying to convince the dead tired couple for taking a few more shots. The pictures of the shoot made us awestruck yet again. Those are beautiful pictures depicting the love and warmth we share :) . Thank you so much Abhi & Prash for capturing the most important days of both our lives and making them even more special. Your work sure spreads joy and happiness! All the best and keep up the good work!”

– Shruti & Sanchit


“Prasheila & Abhimanyu, thanks so much guys for capturing priceless moments so beautifully from our wedding – it’s a treasure that we would look back to, very fondly! You guys were just amazing throughout…it felt so much at ease to work with you. It is almost unbelievable how you guys understood what we wanted, when we ourselves couldn’t articulate our wishlist very well, and then deliver on it just the way we would have liked! We admire this incredible ability to grasp even the unstated, for those subtle and beautiful gestures on your part through the wedding, and for effortlessly connecting so well with our family and friends. Among all the deliverables we are happy with, we are most delighted to have you as our friends. Thanks a ton. Needless to say, we would highly recommend your photography services to make any wedding more special.”

-Rahul & Gayatri


“A few conversations and it seemed like I had known Abhi and Prasheila forever. Going Bananas covered the first function in the run up to my wedding. Being the first function, I had to start from scratch i.e. explaining what ‘candid’ photography meant to my dad (the cashier) and why I wanted them instead of the regular Indian wedding photographer. It was undoubtedly my best decision! They managed to capture the best moments of the day as well as all those people who are important to my husband and me. They caught not only the big moments when we exchanged rings but also those where my sister quietly got emotional. While Abhi was experimental and even ended up climbing a tree for the perfect shot, Prasheila made sure she captured the stolen emotions of our closest relatives. We can truly look at the pictures and relive that lovely December morning! Thank you guys!”

– Surabhi & Atin


“Our post-wedding photography shoot by Prasheila and Abhimanyu started off as a joke. Literally. Let’s just say we were the guinea pigs in the labs of Prasheila and Abhimanyu!! To begin with, these guys were budding photographers, and we were just bored! But, little did we know this shoot would give us the best photographs and moments that we would cherish for a lifetime!!

On a serious note, Prasheila and Abhimanyu are extremely talented professionals. They both have an eye to transform the ordinary into something magical. Who would have imagined something as periodic as a park could be metamorphosed into the Garden of Eden!

The great thing about shooting with them is that they make you feel at complete ease. They are super FUN and it feels like you are just chilling with friends!! They are so methodical with their work yet they never make it feel like you are on a TASK.

Prasheila and Abhimanyu…you guys are spectacular! We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift that you gave us in the form of precious memories!”

– Supriya & Anuj

Going Bananas Photography is one of India's leading wedding photography and cinematography studios run by Abhimanyu Sharma and Prasheila Lookhar. They are known for their distinctive style and for the strong friendships they form with their couples.


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