Passion, conviction and pagalpan

“Going Bananas Photography…these three words define passion, conviction and pagalpan in one go!!! Well our journey with them started when we were looking for candid photographers for our wedding in Feb’14 and came across some very fine nuptial pictures of an acquaintance on Facebook. Communicating with them was very comfortable since day one.
The thing we loved the most of our first meeting was the approach; they wanted to hear about us, our story, our families and friends and our dreams of ‘D’ Day. It was more than just photographers meeting the clients to offer their services. They never promised anything they couldn’t deliver! In fact they did more than what was their job at a lot of times, like driving me (the bride) to the venue and getting the traffic cleared when it was pouring outside ;). The shoots were fun, crazy and fantastic, definitely much above our expectations!
They were a part of family, enjoying, dancing and clicking pictures of course! Some photographers capture scenes, some capture poses, GBP captures emotions. Emotions which make us walk down the beautiful memory lane every time we see these pictures taken with passion and skill. Undoubtedly this amazing work is a result of their conscientious and efficient efforts. The cherry on the cake was the special video with the testimonies of family and friends which still makes the eyes wet.
We have a couple of memories during our stint with GBP, but the most memorable is the one of the ‘Vidaai’. It was the time when we were overwhelmed with emotions and sitting in the car, Abhi took the last shot of the evening with the assistance of a cellphone flash (it was pretty dark outside the farm house). The last effort to make us smile before we depart and capture the moment was surely special and unforgettable.
Apart from the wedding we worked with these amazing photographers for our post-wedding shoot. We shot for two days and what can really describe true passion when at 2 am in the morning Abhi, with as much enthusiasm as during the day, was trying to convince the dead tired couple for taking a few more shots. The pictures of the shoot made us awestruck yet again. Those are beautiful pictures depicting the love and warmth we share :) .
Thank you so much for capturing the most important days of both our lives and making them even more special. Your work sure spreads joy and happiness! All the best and keep up the good work!”

Going Bananas Photography is one of India's leading wedding photography and cinematography studios run by Abhimanyu Sharma and Prasheila Lookhar. They are known for their distinctive style and for the strong friendships they form with their couples.


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