The team that makes a dream come true

“Going Bananas Photography… the team that makes a dream come true… I know it’s a cliché, but I would regret if I don’t say that they are more than professionals.
Abhimanyu knew Divya since their “MBA days”. When Divya and I decided to tie the knot, Divya introduced me to the smashing duo. For a person whose most uncomfortable moment is when he is in front of a camera they were a god sent. Within a couple of meets, I was comfortable with them, whether it was through cracking jokes or discussing our wedding themes; Abhimanyu – you are the most easy-going person I have ever met, respectful, fun, energetic and thing we share in common, a big foodie… you are a guy’s guy and girl’s dream (I know I will get some slack for this :)).
We worked with GBP for over two years, from our engagement in 2013 to our wedding on 2014. Within these two years, I am glad that I got to know you two better not just as clients but as actual friends. Over our dealings I was inspired by your professionalism, attitude and that quality (which the Oxford dictionary doesn’t have a word for, believe me I searched) which just makes people instantly like you and be at ease in your presence. During actual events, it was like hanging with friends; having said that though you always were very organized, and though when you look at Abhimanyu it doesn’t look like it – you knew exactly what you were doing!!
When the photographs came, I instantly was in awe (never thought I could look so natural in photographs) of the talent and artistic sensibility which you guys possess. From a friend to fan I feel proud of you guys, and myself just because I got to know you. You guys go above and beyond in making sure that the experience of a couple, the need to put them at ease is given the forefront during the entire process which some veterans in the industry need to learn from you guys. Love your work guys, you surely made our wedding a memorable event, the moments of which will stay with us through the sands of time…
Looking forward to seeing you guys soon at our other family events (please make sure your books are not full; be sure to know we will fight tooth and nail to have you guys there!!)”

Going Bananas Photography is one of India's leading wedding photography and cinematography studios run by Abhimanyu Sharma and Prasheila Lookhar. They are known for their distinctive style and for the strong friendships they form with their couples.


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