Photographers with a very keen eye

“THE GBP team was with us throughout our 2 week-long celebrations (from the engagement in Delhi to the weekend in Bikaner). They even agreed to travel with us in the train, capturing all the wonderful memories and getting to know our families better.
While reviewing the website of about 12 photographers, theirs was the only one that brought tears to my eyes. As the bride, I could literally visualise my own wedding, the moments, the emotions through their work. So I was sold on them from day one! The first meeting with Abhimanyu was interesting and comforting (and loooooong :-P), as we nearly spent all the time getting to know each other – almost as if it was a given that GBP was going to cover our wedding!
The subsequent discussions we had reinforced our belief in their capabilities, and brought a lot of clarity to what we could expect – the deliverables, their style of coverage, and of course all the creative ideas that they were brimming with!
We had been a tad nervous about the videography, as we weren’t keen on a typical wedding video (read: bunch of stills being heaped on top of bride & groom interviews). GBP’s video team did a fantastic job of weaving together snippets from the weekend – our parents expressing their emotions, the banter amongst our friends, the colourful mess at the haldi ceremony, a spontaneous dance that our families did at our varmaala, and so many more!
We absolutely loved the final product they gave us…they did a fabulous job of capturing us, our huge families, a ton of special moments – some which only photographers with a very keen eye could’ve spotted.
What sets them apart from others though is that in everything they did, there was always a personal touch. I clearly remember the moment when I was walking up to the stage for our Varmaala, I was tense and my heart was literally pounding. In all the wedding frenzy, no one (not even my cousins) realised how I was feeling. Somehow the team saw it on my face, made everyone stop, got me a drink (just a milkshake :-P), and bought me some time to compose myself so I could continue! You really need someone like that around on your big day.
If you’re getting married in a few months from now, and figuring out who to give charge of your memories to, we highly recommend Going Bananas! They are amazing at what they do, very organised, and never miss a deadline. They are super professional and yet became part of our families!”

Going Bananas Photography is one of India's leading wedding photography and cinematography studios run by Abhimanyu Sharma and Prasheila Lookhar. They are known for their distinctive style and for the strong friendships they form with their couples.


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